Bus A Level AQA Business A A2 International


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Business Through Diagrams


AQA Scheme of Work details and links (have School used the links in lessons?)

Also the AQA topic document for Bartlett and Ghoshal etc


Note the EU has the single market area and Free Trade Agreements check the Europa website.



From the scheme of work

School-College will have a Tutor2u subscription.
 Introduction: YouTube clip– McDonalds Global Strategy (4:29)

 Tutor2U – Presentation – Global strategy

 Tutor2U – Presentation – International marketing

 Educational Portal clip – International business expansion methods

 Educational Portal – Managing in International Companies

 Educational Portal clip – Internationalization and Globalisation of businesses

 YouTube clip – Strategy and structure of MNC includes Bartlett and Ghoshal’s international strategies

 YouTube clip – Theo’s Adventure Capitalists – Brazil 1 of 4 – BBC Documentary (10:55) Entire series is available on YouTube, it covers doing business in Brazil, India and Vietnam.

 Business Review magazine – Volume 20 – Number 3 ‘Topshop and Zara in China: why strategy matters’

 Business Review magazine – Volume 19 – Number 4 ‘Doing business in emerging markets’

 Business Review magazine – Volume 19 – Number 2 ‘Africa – Less guilt, more action’

 Business Review magazine – Volume 18 – Number 2 ‘Postcard from Dubai’

 Business Review magazine – Volume 16 – Number 3 ‘Globalisation – A new world order?’


Bartlett and Ghoshal
Downloadable pdf on an internet scholarly search (reconceptualising Bartlett and Ghoshal,  nice diagram in the middle of the doc,  Rugman i think)
Book on Google books

A previous year’s research topic : China

Buzzy business