Business Studies A Level Yr 13 Quantitative


Quantitative Info
In order to be able to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in business, students need to have acquired competence in the quantitative skills that are relevant to the subject content and which are applied in the context of a business A-level, including:
calculate, use and understand ratios, averages and fractions

calculate, use and understand percentages and percentage changes

construct and interpret a range of standard graphical forms

interpret index numbers

calculate cost, revenue, profit and break-even

calculate investment appraisal outcomes and interpret results

interpret values of price and income elasticity of demand

use and interpret quantitative and non-quantitative information in order to make decisions

interpret, apply and analyse information in written, graphical and numerical forms.

Quantitative skills not in bold (to be added)  not form part of the AS core content requirement; however, an exam board may include them in their AS specifications.

See the AQA Spec 
The assessment of quantitative skills will include at least level 2 mathematical skills as a minimum of 10% of the overall AS marks and as a minimum of 10% of the overall A-level marks.
These quantitative skills may be assessed across the assessment objectives.