Ecc A Level 2017 Edexcel Economics Economic Thinkers


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From the Specification


Specification AS, units 1 and 2, references to Economists (some elements of each of the Case Studies relate to the A2 units 3 & 4)

This is a means to see elements of the Specification through Economic Schools of thought and in relation to historical and present Economic events.

They create a broader perspective than just theory and the information may be part of examination questions (see examples in the case studies).


Mentions of Economic thinkers in Units 1 & 2



a) Specialisation and the division of labour: reference to Adam Smith 



a) The distinction between free market, mixed and command economies: reference to Adam Smith, Friedrich Hayek and Karl Marx 


b) The advantages and disadvantages of a free market economy and a command economy 


c) The role of the state in a mixed economy



a) Different shapes of the long-run AS curve: o Keynesian o classical




h) Awareness of demand-side policies in the Great Depression and the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 o different interpretations o policy responses in the US and UK