UPDATED for 2015 onwards:IGCSE Cambridge :How to achieve perfect marks for the summary question – YouTube


AQA GCSE English Literature questions


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From the AQA GCSE English Literature Specification found via the internet link and available as a downloadable pdf file 
(to view pdf files offline an Adobe Acrobat reader file is needed,  see the Category link on the sidebar for how to download the Adobe reader programme, and it may be necessary to temporarily allow the file through your internet security programme).

GCSE English Literature Resource


Super resource from a google search

Mr Gray’s Blog: Star Resource


See also the Litcharts resources

Try a google search,  but not so much it becomes confusing. Try images and videos on the same search instead,  even books (find the ISBN and try google books)
Note:- the pre 2015 information may be helpful,  but the assessment criteria is from after 2015 so be careful of dates.