Business Studies (Synoptic) – David Floyd – Google Books

the old specification but good pages particularly finance.


Sky and O2
Edexcel Bus Q 

BT buy EE

also the Health and Fitness industry Edexcels case study

useful info

Virgin Active
A slideshare

see the Edexcel blog for BT buying EE

The Go-Between Themes –


Google (Gradesaver has gaps,  enotes needs a subscription)….0……0j0i67k1j33i22i29i30k1j33i21k1.GA4Fd-XsRTg

This comparison essay is online,  with another one on Daisy,  whilst it may have uses be careful not to copy
Theres info too,  on the two main women characters.
Linking to another novel contemporary to the The Great Gatsby