GCSE English  Working with Assessment Objectives.


It’s ten to three ..

Ten words Three ideas jotted down,  for everything!

When in doubt start a sentence with ‘The’ and then turn it around so it starts with one of the other words in the sentence – it makes it easier to get past writer’s ‘block cant think and makes it easier to write a more complex sentence.


nearly exam time,  going home time,  revision time.
Every piece of writing you create should start with

An idea of the Assessment Objectives

Lets try to demystify the mark scheme:-

(Language – make a word table with 10 rows and 4 columns,  find the Assessment Objectives in the Specification and put one each per row from row 3 to row 10.   A02 will need two entries ie 2 rows.

Each Language paper question addressess a specific assessment objective.

In the first column opposite the AO1 find a Q1 question from a past paper,  opposite A02  (separate rows) it should be Q2 and also Q3

Q4 goes opposite AO4.

A05 and A06 need your creative writing skills.

Save this as your Eng Lang Template.

Next find a specimen QPaper and Mark Scheme,  add the info from the Q Paper into the first AO row,  add the mark scheme examiners answer info (just the bullet points not the blurb) into the middle columns.

See how they want the information.

Now with a different colour font ADD at least one idea,  five really good words and some punctuation (PEE paragraph basic words you can use)

The spare rows at the top are for your ideas.

The way the examiner works should now be clearer.

Example on here in the next few days.


MissW videos

GCSE English Language:How to create the perfect piece of creative writing – YouTube



Your table needs the Assessment Objectives going across the top in one row

It works horizontally

Then the same principle add a row above the AOs,  merge the cells and add the Question.

Put the mark scheme in the appropriate column-cell

Each row can become a ‘how to make an evaluative body paragraph with elements of all AO’s.

save the file as an exemplar mark scheme plan

cut just the Q and Mark Scheme info. Save this empty file (with AOs still) as a template.

Use the template to make  Q answer plans for other Questions.  Save the files with different names
Remember you are building an evaluative answer with Intro (row 1) and body paragraphs, 3 ideas is good. Evaluative is two sided points, and building AO focused PEE paragraphs towards a conclusion.

check Amazon and have a ‘look inside’ a Descriptosaurus book,  writers have collections of words and sentences made before they start to write!

Dont make too many in an exam,  you need a few ideas before the exam. if stuck try the five senses.


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