GCSE English Literature Macbeth


Cartoon version


Careful about the youtube videos,  its ok to watch for ideas and themes but if they are question answering they might not be focused on the 9-1 grade specification.

Ideas for notes made in a word file or powerpoint can be useful and some examples will be on this page in a few days (18-4-17) similar to the tuition lesson ones.

Card ideas are really good.

Try this info as well:-
Listen to,  and maybe make a word table from each point in the first video.

If you put the points in every other square (or alternatively leave a row free to add additional info from the revision guide or the play or your comments or just to improve the information) it may build a good resource.

The same process can then happen from the points of information already made in your table template ie to look up details on other books you are studying for CONTEXT.


This is a video on Paper 1 Q1 answering,  it uses the specimen paper.


Check a 21st Century ‘take’ on Lady Macbeth


The youtube channel MissC has info


These two videos may help

Mr Taylor has other videos on themes.



Create an account on TES Resources and download essay q from


Teachit useful resources



more cartoons