GCSE English Literature & novel author/play author/poet storyboard planning


Try planning a short story of your own first (use the assessment criteria of personal input,  narrator,  theme,  context,  language and literary devices)

The plan is sufficient – how do you think the author of your books planned?
OK the storyboard is the actual story,  as it unfolds BUT within the storyboard the author has to consider and include in his-her plan ALL the aspects of how the characters look and evolve,  the plot,  sub plots,  the dialogue,  and for dramatic or fiction effects the language style and even the literary devices.
See the introduction to writing planning in the publisher ‘look inside’ or review on Google Books info for the ‘Descriptosaurus’ series and check out Storyboard planning.


English Literature writing  is like deconstructing a receipe and providing details of the ingredients and the process or method to bring the dish or dishes to a dinner party and the ‘low down’ on who was invited and how it went!
Think outside the written word,  use planning!
Its similar to a colour chart with interweaving mixtures of primary and secondary colours.
Check out how to plan an English Literature essay