Blog Tidying and Evolving


Hope the new layout and theme is much easier to work with.

The pages are in drop down menus

There are categories of posts for subjects and info, especially English.

The links to the qaawyrd_geog twitter and qaawyrd twitter have been added in the sidebar

There are links to the Geog-Environment web-blog and which is an older Business studies web-blog that needs updating but still may have useful links.

There are useful posts as well as data-time and data-cost saving links which are on the pages.  Check your subject to view them.

The British Library English Literature link pages have moved to the drop down menus.

The EdExcel Business studies pages are in their own drop down menu

Geography is changed to 2016 and 2008 specifications each with their own drop down menu.

Maths is moved to  and there is a link on here to the web-blog and most recent posts in the sidebar.

The web-blog is in the process of evolving


The original  picture for the blog has now been updated.  There is a copy below so you are sure you have reached

the same web-blog site..


This web-blog is essentially a site to save you searching for links that may cost you data-time, stress and valuable revision time as

checking suitable or relevant online information can be so time consuming and sometimes even distressing.  Viewing twenty or more

Youtube videos to find the best and most informative and then searching slide-share and umpteen weblinks can take all day and run up

data time in excess of 60Gb per month – and that’s an area where a tutor can be useful.


Tutoring over years means I know the internet sites, which ones are useful to you, which ones have been discontinued

(especially ones on the examining board’s scheme of work!) for example the ever popular and wonderful’ was a major resource and was discontinued without warning.


I have found a similar site for the biz-ed mind maps for Business Studies at – you need a special browser on android phones 

(the i-phone link hasn’t been checked yet) called puffin browser available on googleplay to view the website.


This web-blog therefore is not a step by step tuition site it is a collection of links that have been viewed by the tutor and which are

relevant to your subject/s.


The web-blog is made using an android smartphone mostly so menus are only updated weekly. Unlimited data is cheaper on the android

phone – via the lovely Three data company:  You may like to know they currently provide ‘all you can eat data’ – for smartphones (and

presumably i-phones) on a pay as you go contract for £25.00 per month;  this means its unlimited when roaming!


The GCSE pages will shortly migrate to another web-blog

A devoted English Language and Literature site for AS/A2 may evolve during the summer break too.

Other Web-blogs

There is a Maths resource at


There are younger student web-blogs too for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 with a special focus on synthetic phonics and English.

Just ask if you have younger relatives