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AQA A Level English Literature Spec A 7011-7012 (2015 onwards)
Love through the Ages Resources and Exemplar materials


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The Specification (quote)
This specification promotes as wide a choice of texts for you and your students as possible within a clear and helpful framework. 

The requirement in the subject criteria for students to study a minimum of four texts from particular genres and periods has been organised as follows: 

Love through the ages 

One drama text 

One poetry text 

Two prose texts 

A Shakespeare play from set list (pre-1900) From set list 

From set list This specification has been designed to be co-teachable with the AQA English Literature A A-level specification. 

3.1 Love through the ages The aim of this topic area is to encourage students to explore aspects of a central literary theme as seen over time, using unseen material and set texts. Students should be prepared for Love through the ages by reading widely in the topic area, reading texts from a range of authors and times.

 • The four Shakespeare plays on offer allow students to study Shakespeare’s representations of love in a range of different dramatic genres: tragedy, comedy, problem play or late play. 

• The AQA anthologies of love poetry through the ages allow students to encounter a range of different types of poem as they study representations of love over time. 

• The range of comparative prose texts on offer allows students to study representations of love by a variety of authors across time. 

• Students will study four texts: one Shakespeare play, one poetry anthology and two prose texts. 

They will also respond to an unseen prose extract in the exam. 

Although not an exhaustive list of aspects of Love through the ages, areas that can usefully be explored include:

 romantic love of many kinds; 

love and sex; 

love and loss; 

social conventions and taboos; 

love through the ages according to history and time; 

love through the ages according to individual lives

 (young love, maturing love);

 jealousy and guilt; 

truth and deception; 

proximity and distance; 

marriage; approval and disapproval. 

3.1.1 Set texts Shakespeare and poetry Students study one of the following Shakespeare plays: 


•The Taming of the Shrew 

•Measure for Measure 

• The Winter’s Tale 

Students study one of the following anthologies: 

•AQA anthology of love poetry through the ages pre-1900 

• AQA anthology of love poetry through the ages post-1900 

The paper for this component is closed book. Students are not permitted to take a copy of their set text(s) into the exam.

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