Edexcel Geography Independent Investigation


Geography Subject Topics obviously have to be taught and Specification information is available.

It is ok for Tutors to use the approved Textbooks to deliver topic information.
ie. Check Textbook Topic Information


Teachers (possibly Tutors) 


● confirm that the provisional title has the potential to meet the assessment criteria and offer general guidance on any necessary amendments.  

● review each candidate’s Geography Independent Investigation Form. Within this review teachers should ensure that the proposed investigation can suitably access the specification requirements and give general guidance on the methodology and analytical tools that the candidate plans to use. 

● promote good practice such as referencing and using a bibliography system. 

● store work securely once it is handed in for formal assessment.  
Must not2:  

● provide candidates with a choice of titles or tasks from which candidates then choose.  

● give detailed feedback to individual candidates about how to improve work to meet the assessment criteria. The guidance provided prior to final submission should only enable candidates to take the initiative in making amendments, rather than detailing what amendments should be made. This means that teachers must not provide templates and model answers for the work of specific candidates.  

● mark work provisionally and share that mark so that the candidate may then improve it.  

● return work to candidates after it has been submitted and marked.  

● give guidance on how to make improvements to the draft in order to meet the assessment criteria so that candidates are no longer engaged in independent learning