English GCSE Literature / Language links and Mnemonics


Links for GCSE (too many internet sites to search and review for useful information,  try searching infographics on the topic you need)
English Literature

English Language

Peel Paragraphs

(Spot the deliberate mistake)




Problems with writers ‘block’

  1. Make a list of words
  2. Start a sentence with The…  and then change it round to start with another of the words in the same sentence. This allows you to move on to the next part of your writing more easily.

    The AQA English Progress writing student books are up to date

    English Language MissW youtube planning and Q answering are up to date and clear (waiting new youtubes for other English contributors)


    EnglisRevision is a cool channel on youtube

    MissC is good for Literature and some plays


    MrsWhelan has a new 9-1 GCSE Literature paper analysis