English: Literary Devices



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Make a list of the ones your course uses (check the Specification Glossary if there is one) include the quotes,  then make up two or three examples of your own.

Check the goodreads website or books or famous authors,  for more examples


OCR concept
Introduce students to the PETER model for writing paragraphs (Learner Resource 1.7). 
Instead of the usual PEE paragraphs, including the T (terminology) and R (relate) encourages students to include these key aspects in their analysis. 
P= point: introduce an idea about the text, an idea or feeling conveyed 
E= evidence 
T= terminology 
E= explanation of effects which needs to be developed and extended 
R= relate to the question, the context in which it was written, or the overall argument of the essay
Development activity 
To revise and recap terminology, present students with a series of images which represent a particular literary technique e.g. the yin yang symbol for juxtaposition; a light bulb for light imagery; Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe portrait for repetition. 
Using these visual representations of the techniques can help students to remember the terms and the features that they relate to.

Literary Devices in Shakespeares Othello

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