GCSE i English Language 


Helpful info,  links etc.

4 main examination  ‘boards’

AQA,  Edexcel (Pearson), Eduqas (previously WJEC  Wales),  OCR,
Useful info and links

Eduqas link with some online resources.


Use the exam board information for your course, it is very important;  however other ‘boards’ may have useful resources.

Learning with AQA

Use AQA English past-specimen paper Qs
Check the scheme of work as there may be links,  plus topic details and the examination paper style.

Assessment Objectives cant be ignored with AQA they apply to specific questions.

Look for the text and student books,  buy them. The revision guide is not enough.

Have a look on Google books*

Use School info

Remember the newer focus,  see the end of this page.

Some videos are useful and include the new Assessment Objectives (exam board information)

Miss W videos are updated,  Mr Bruff and another channel often identified (anothe Mr Salles) have some good input but are more focused on the older specifications (at March 2017).

Try searching for the MissW videos for
AQA Paper 1 Qs

Watch them. Try any questions.

MissW Q 1 & 2 videos (both parts)

To help here is a link.

Q3 vid part 1


Q3 vid part 2


Now try this resource,  available on Google Books (a cool source for some free textbook info,  use the ISBN numbers,  they are on the publishers details on amazon, to find them you have to scroll down the book info and click the R arrow to find the 13 digit number).
Thurs 23 March

Use this resource that is reviewed on Google Books.

*Martin Philips and Mike Ferguson

English Language


More useful links

Specimen Paper 1 Writing


A few thoughts on the 9-1 Specification, check the Eng Lang Report page too.

Query, are the new Specifications changing language-wise from (Novels,  Traditional Poetry and ‘Non-Fiction’ Newspapers/Magazines mixed with a small amount of Business writing) to a wider more up to date focus that picks up how text transforms to visual media?

Are the 5 senses more important

Is connotation,  genre and audience equal to description?

Are we in a ‘new age of fluid language to media and back?’

Are the examiners more modern and thinking more of ‘how and whom’ is the writer/author going to make his/her career from writing for? Instead of the Quality of ‘Perfect Writing.’ Are we more focused in the 20th century on the availability of film and video.

Have we a Newer more commercial (hoping to translate to a screen picture etc etc) focus,  where before Drama was written specifically as a Play.

Maybe think


Media focus – visual,  drama transformations

Website Content

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Confusing or helpful Nmenomics

So many different ‘helpful’ short forms, create ones you can use,  from School ones or these resources.

Text Link


The images link is/are simpler to view


Another book on Google


The textbook on Google books