2017 Business Studies Yr13 Strategy & notes


Topic 02 April


Watch all the scheme of work video links please)


Moving from Mass to Lean Production




Toyota Production System including Kaizen 



Lean Production and Kaizen

In action … (also think Quality input) using innovative technologies


Decide based on the type of device,  backup,  control over notes etc.

Topic Strategy: AQA Business
The value of different measures of assessing business performance 

Additional information

Data other than financial statements should include


Human Resource and

Marketing Data.

Data may be analysed over time or in comparison with other businesses.

Methods of assessing overall business performance are to include:

• Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard model


• Elkington’s Triple Bottom Line (Profit, People, Planet).


3.7.4 Analysing the external

environment is to assess

opportunities and threats:

political and legal change

Content The impact of changes in the political and legal environment on strategic and functional decision making

Additional information

The political and legal environment should include a broad understanding of the scope and effects of UK and EU law related to


the labour market and

environmental legislation.
The impact of UK and EU Government policy related

to enterprise,

the role of regulators,


the environment and

international trade.

Recent tuition:-

Documents with revision notes to complete




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AQA has a list of resources included on the Scheme of Work right from the beginning of the course,  please ask your teacher if they have all been included in the school teaching.

There are so many it is necessary to look back at the Scheme of Work as you revise.



BBC Learning zone clip – What is a business? 

 Tutor2U – Presentation – Objectives of a new business 

 Tutor2U – Revision presentation – Mission, Aims, Objectives and Stakeholders 

 James Slocombe YouTube clip – Accounting and Finance – Profit and Revenue 

 BBC Two – Peter Jones meets, Series 1, Episode 1: Peter Jones meets Mark and Mo Constantine who run Lush (excellent illustration of ethical objectives and their impact on human resources, operations and financial decisions)


Bee Business Bee types of ownership video (11:44) 

 Tutor2U – Revision presentation – Startup Business Structures 

 Tutor2U – Revision presentation – Limited liability 

 Tutor2U – Revision quiz – Legal structure 

 excellent resource to illustrate non-profit organisations: YouTube – Interview with Big Issue founder – John Bird 

 Business Review magazine – Volume 19 – Number 1 ‘Can Facebook float?’ 

 Cliqvid YouTube – Why Go Limited? (1:28) 

 Education Portal – What are Dividends? Investing in Stocks clip 

 Tutor2U – Presentation – Shares 

 YouTube – How the stock exchange works (3:33)

 Educational Portal clip – Macroeconomic issues in business 

 Tutor2U – Presentation – Introduction to Revenues and Demand 

 MindTools 

 YouTube – PEST Analysis Explained


REVISION POSSIBILITIES to complement the school provided by school which has all and the current only set of notes!!

To create an offline wordpress blog where each page can be a different topic with revision information – particularly if you do not have access to microsoft word and your school or college has issued tablets for notes etc which is dependent on a techie!  The wordpress blog would be easy to reach via the web on a tablet. Notes would be out of the reach of your educational establishents control.

Current topics on 3.7

External Influences – 

Legal must be up to date with the Specification.

From the AQA Spec:-

The political and legal environment should include a broad understanding of the scope and effects of UK and EU law related to competition, the labour market and environmental legislation. 

The impact of UK and EU Government policy related to 


the role of regulators, 


the environment and international trade.
Economic changes Info
The Crash course (safe) in Economics video.



Also useful – the Hodder pdf on this google search