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For example the awesomely useful and much loved http://bized.co.uk has gone and the only similar one ( maybe until qaawyrd writes one),  apart from Tutor2u,  is



The missing teachers tv resources (particularly for GCSE Ecc)
Teachers tv – GOV.UK 

if you see this link below in a scheme of work… read the info and try the other websites. As the new Specifications take over the exams the link will hopefully be changed and updated in the new schemes.


(In case the Gov page links disappear too)

Quoted from the website..

Following the closure of Teachers TV, the Department for Education signed non-exclusive distribution agreements to keep the archive of 3,500 15-minute programmes available for schools to watch online.
You can watch these programmes by clicking on the links below. This will take you to a distributor’s website where you will be able to stream the programme free of charge.
Distributor websites

It is not possible to check the entire content of these websites

Phoenix TTV Limited 


TSL Education Ltd


Axis 12 Limited


Laser Learning Ltd  


viewmy.tv Limited  


Andrew Bethell Associates Ltd  




Creative Education  


STEM learning  


Lesson Planning is complex and usually follows a Schedule and Scheme of work. Tuition is even more complex.


1 – For Teachers

The Best Resources For Helping Teachers Use Lesson Planning ideas,  covering all styles could be said to be ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy In The Classroom’ 

see a Google link from Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…lesson planning (see the web-blog link below)

2 In contrast:- Tuition has to

Revisit Topics

Create a Person Specific Learning Plan



Add learning strategies


Fill Gaps

Use the students own learning style

Overcome obstacles

Interweave with the examination board schedule and scheme of work

Ensure resources are available (encourage book purchases too plus having working Electronic tools and Downloadable resources)

Help the student explore topics

In short for an hour of tuition; an exchange takes place ideally specifically tailored to the tutees educational needs.

To repeat:- specifically for AS/A2

The AS/A2 tuition plan (where Tuition is started early enough) should follow the Scheme of work for the module(s) being studied for topics and sub topics.


Youtube videos

Textbook resources

Found topic links

Textbook Chapter summaries

Topic Key Words

End of Chapter questions and answers,  Data Handling and Case Study end of Chapter scenarios and answers.

Specification topics may equate to several Textbook chapters in a reputable (endorsed) textbook.

Past Paper links


Create an agreed plan for the time available to any test or examination.
Blooms Taxonomy for Classroom Learning:-

(These strategies are not possible in one hour of tuition per week) The best method for Examination focused tuition is old fashioned note taking and discussion.

Microsoft Office Online Templates
Scheme of work Business Studies has several video and file and magazine links